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Is your Web Existence Discounted & Derailed? Embark on Ruby on Rails Development for Instrumental Web Tracks
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Ruby on Rails Development

iFuturz is a Ruby on Rails Development Service Provider; we are at the forefront of providing application development services for you business needs using Rails framework. We love Ruby on Rails development because of the speed of the development.

At iFuturz we use Ruby On Rails as a core technology for delivering great web products. It is not possible to build great web application without knowledge of other things: Relation Database, Key-value storages, Proxy, Web & Application servers, JavaScript ecosystem, objective CSS & HTML5, Messaging systems and much more.

Ruby On Rails Development Expert Services

01ROR Application Development

ROR Application Development

Ruby on Rails is a significant platform for developing web applications that leave an everlasting impression as it is an object- oriented web framework. Effortless coding, rapid development and notable features are just some of the features ROR framework has to offer.
02JRuby Application

JRuby Application

Jruby, an integration of JAVA with RUBY programming language provides set of core classes & syntaxes for Ruby.
03Merb- Rails Application

Merb- Rails Application

Merb is a robust & light in weight framework of MVC useful for rapid & glib performance of application by managing several file uploads simultaneously.
04IronRuby Development

IronRuby Development

Integration of .Net technology with implementations of Ruby bring IronRuby which is helpful for writing, embedded and testing the new apps.
05Latest Plug-ins

Latest Plug-ins

We use few popular plugins such as Rails XXs, Chainselects, Notifybar, Muninator, Flash messages helper, Snapmon, Pesel, template inliner, Auditable, remote forgery protection and much more.
06CMS Development

CMS Development

We are Ruby on Rails CMS Development experts. We developed and deliver high quality CMS based applications which based on the latest technologies and tools to streamline your business requirements.

At iFuturz we have a team of highly skilled & passionate developers who can create web applications using latest Ruby on Rails web services. We’ve facilitated our clients from the very initial stages of commencement, through prototyping and diverse iterations for delivery of full working software that turned into booming projects.

Key Quirks of Ruby on Rails Development

  • High speed of development & Quicker Launch
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • High Code Quality
  • Best for Content Management
  • Industry support
  • Agile Development at its best
  • Profit from Best Practices developed in big Community
  • Multi Platform Support

Steady ROR Development at iFuturz

User Friendly

Highly engaging user interfaces, tidily separated from business logic facilitating hassle free application maintenance

Cloud Ready

We have ample of experience in developing cloud ready ROR applications

Load Resistant Applications

We develop load resistant applications to ensure visits and requests in high numbers do not affect your site’s performance


We have rendered highly productive ROR web applications generating positive end results


We have created robust and functional web applications for a wide array of industries across the globe

Scalable & Flexible Solutions

We have rendered scalable ROR applications with sturdy failover capabilities & easy maintenance

Experience Success with Ruby on Rails

Mainstays of Ruby On Rails Development @ iFuturz

  • Interview the developer and assess his/her expertise before hiring
  • Agile Development Process is followed to ensure the end product is compliant with industry’s latest trends and best practices
  • Extra Productivity of 20 hours i.e- 180 Hrs instead OF 160 Hrs
  • Customized Ruby on Rails development solutions.
  • Source Code Authorization
  • Efficient communication and Reporting through various mediums such as Phone, Email, Skype, Messenger etc.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • 24 X 6 Technical Support

Ruby on Rails Web Development Services

  • Installation & Migration To ROR
  • ROR Consulting, Hosting, Testing
  • Ruby On Rails Design
  • Ruby on Rails Installations
  • ROR eCommerce Application

  • ROR CMS Development

  • ROR Application Maintenance

  • ROR Application Development

  • Ruby on Rails Web Portal Development
  • Ruby on Rails Web 2.0 Development
  • Ruby on Rails Programming
  • Ruby on Rails Deployment

Ruby on Rails Development Process


  • Req. Breakdown
  • Prioritization
  • Interation Schedule


  • Demonstration
  • Retrospect


  • Design/Coding
  • Test Driver Development
  • Pair Programming
  • Integration Testing


  • Automation
  • Functional
  • Manual
  • Regression

Project Tracking

At iFuturz we build rich web apps in Ruby on Rails. We are Ruby on Rails Development expert and provide Ruby on Rails Application Development Services.

One of our valued clients Schoolockers recommends ifuturz.com for customized e commerce solutions. Ryan who approached other Web Development Company got disappointed after being refused to make customization he was looking for.


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