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Software Monitoring


  • Monitor Server, Disk, CPU, Memory.
  • Monitor file deletion. He/she can configure a folder path to monitor all files/folders within that particular folder. If any file or folder will be deleted, then service will check it and send an alert that which file is deleted with its path.
  • Monitor Media Drive.
  • Monitor If Any Revcord Process stops or Crashes.
  • Monitor If any of the Core Exceeds Memory Level.
  • Monitor If any of the Process takes more Memory Percentage.

  • Monitor If any file deleted in already specified paths.
  • Monitor the exceptions created by Revcord Process.
  • The client will be Notified by Triggering Alarm or Showing Notification.
  • Alerts will be Sent to RevWatch
  • Email will be sent to the specified mail address through RevWatch.
  • Monitor Channel Activity.
  • Monitor Revcord Software Process.

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  • Send Multiple Alarms at the same time: As per requirement, we have to send continues and multiple alarms for configured values of CPU usage, RAM usage, Hard Disk (Drive) usage, Network usage, Process usage and Channel activation/deactivation to RevWatch.
  • Team viewer API integration: There was a requirement to connect to RevSCord Server (where RevShield is installed) from RevWatch (Cloud App) using Team viewer API. So we have to integrate Team viewer API to RevShield and RevWatch both.
  • Revshield service crash issue: RevShield Service was crashing after some time while sending the multiple and continuous alarms to RevWatch.
  • To identify Deleted file: Normally this functionality to identify that which file or folder is deleted from particular folder not available.
  • Monitoring RevCord Process: Processes having frequent hang ups and sudden exits from the application.
  • RevWatch is capable to communicate with more than 1000 Revcord Servers, hence very efficient.
  • Monitor the system, hence the application provide better coordination to the end user and save future risks of system issues.
  • The application is made in such a way so that it is very simple to understand, values can be easily configured for the RevShield Win App.
  • RevWatch provide a feasibility to the access RevCord Server using the Team Viewer API which enable the end user to get the remote access.

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