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The users can upload photographs and music, track other users’ feeds and geotag images with longitude and latitude coordinates, or the name of a location.
This application lets the users share pictures, videos, songs and music with their loved ones. It helps expand network, make new friends. This real-time application lets user connect with the remote world virtually.
The application allows users to explore and find images, short videos and statuses posted from users across the globe, engage fans, discover new music, gain exposure and showcase music etc.
  • Users can add friends to their friends’ list and get in touch with them on-the-go.
  • Users can chat with friends remotely at any time.
  • Users can track other users.
  • Users can share feeds, posts, pictures and videos.
  • Direct message module, which will let users share a picture or start a conversation with a specific person.
  • User can edit their images, this application has amazing filters.
  • Embed music on-the-fly or on-the-go!
  • Explore tab to see public feeds
Marc Joseph eCommerce
Marc Joseph eCommerce
  • Image Processing: Zoom in/Zoom out to crop the image, applying effects to the images, image rotation and applying filters to the images like sepia,color-invent and monochrome etc.
  • Make UI similar to instagram
  • Adding music in feeds from iTunes library

Our efforts to outdo the challenges

  • For image processing, We’ve optimized some predefined libraries as per project requirement,Using GPUImage third party library we’ve applied all effects and filtering in the project
  • Make UI similar like Instagram: Handwork for making UI similar like instagram and smooth performance. For that, We’ve implemented some animations in app for making app bit similar like Instagram app.
  • Add Music in Feed from iTunes library : We’ve used iTunes web-api for fetching music and search from iTunes.
  • Paginations functionality is there in the application because of which screens have a listing, this functionality result in smooth workflow and quick listing of data.
  • Do not store all data into a local database, store only required data to display when the device has no internet connection available.
  • Very synchronized app as it doesn’t make all API’s requests at once, make API’s call as per screens and when required new data from the server.
  • We’ve implemented our custom chat APIs to make chatting smooth and faster.

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