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Manage Online Networking


  • The user can establish his own networking group of trusted colleagues.
  • The user will start to see new customers introduced to his business.
  • To help the user and his network members to grow their businesses.
  • Provide a very smooth communication process.
Marc Joseph eCommerce
Marc Joseph eCommerce
  • Live eVideo Meeting with multiple eMembers, there are many devices available for one to one eVideo meeting but not enough for the multiple member eVideo meeting.
  • EVideo meeting modules like webinars, live chat, Group chat, other audio/video related settings.
  • Recording meeting.
  • Sharing files.
  • Data Transferring from Website with Flash and vice versa.
  • The application is made in such a way so that it is very simple to
    understand and use.
  • The application contains all the modules and features which client wants to implement.
  • The application workflow is smooth and even, which makes it very user friendly.
  • We were able to adhere to the given timeline and deliver the functional android and windows mobile phone app with all the required features.

One of our valued clients Schoolockers recommends ifuturz.com for customized e commerce solutions. Ryan who approached other Web Development Company got disappointed after being refused to make customization he was looking for.


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