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Menpower Management Mobile

  • Properties – The application was required to be so made that the user can manage and browse the sites
  • Tenants – This feature is related with easing the task of displaying the details of the tenants and after viewing the details, he can revert back the message them from the app.
  • Contractor database – This feature helps the end-user to browse
    available accredited suppliers in a particular site or area. Moreover, he would also be able to evaluate the performance of that particular supplier.
  • Log Reactive Jobs – It would be easier with this application to call directly to the contractor from the device once you have selected a particular service provider along with an image from the camera.
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  • Request quotes – This feature gives an opportunity to the end-user to select a service provider among the many with the best affordable price.
  • View all jobs – The user can review the work being carried out on properties, including a full audit history of the task
  • Manage Notifications – this feature helps the user to activate the Notifications related to the properties and the required services that
  • Statistics – It helps you to view and analyze the status of a particular work in respect of a property and the statistics regarding outstanding or overdue of the planned maintenance by site or by contractorhe/she wishes to be notified about.
  • Nomination – It is also an interesting feature in which the user can nominate anyone to cover his/her job and quote approvals whilst the user is away.

  • Complex json parsing: APIs provided by the client were complex and not easy to integrate especially it was difficult to parse the data.
  • Managing data as preconditions and display data on screen: Modules of the application were interrelated so there were some complications in understanding and implementing.
  • Create a custom layout for specific requirement: user control:
    As a specific layout was required for many modules because of their
    specific requirement for minimizing the code and the simplicity we have to create a custom layout
  • Table column indexing in SQLite: It was challenging in the sense that there was a huge amount of data to manage in the application.
  • Barcode scanning: The job was to implement barcode scanner feature in the windows app it was challenging as the Windows was not supporting this functionality.
  • Document attachment (e.g. pdf, doc, txt) file. : We were asked to
    implement this feature in the application. 
  • Offline data sync: The client wanted to keep the data in the application without internet availability.

Marc Joseph eCommerce
  • It was the Mobile app development team that created own JSON parser helper classes to gather the data and then store complex JSON directly into the database.
  • The data is integrated according to the requirement in the modules and that has been customized by our team of experts.
  • Here a menu-bar and a form for elogbooks audit were customized considering the API and the client requirements.
  • We applied indexing in order to optimize the search and it even
    minimized the query execution time. By indexing, we were able to manage the data according to the keywords inserted.
  • We researched for the issue and changed the OS targeted version of the application platform (windows phone 8.1) and by changing it; it was possible to implement this feature.
  • The task was challenging especially in the case of windows OS because the windows don’t support background task processes. However in the case of android, this functionality is possible. So we cracked this hard nut of this functionality by scheduling a task agent for the same for data sync.

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