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An Addictive Mobile Game For
iPhone and Android


Dunking Monkey is an addictive and fun game. The player has to take revenge against the monkey by making it wet. The monkey is in the booth and the player have three balls to hit the target.
There are three levels in the game. The first level is normal where the player can hit the target with the ball. The second level is a little more difficult with a moving target. In the third level, the player can choose a picture from the phone’s camera or gallery and use them as the face of the monkey for more fun with friends and family.
  • This game has great animation, physics and audio systems, resulting in some serious good graphics
  • HD Graphics, the overall gaming experience on mobile devices are as immersive as they are impressive.
  • Easy to start hard to master.
  • Global Leaderboard.
  • Simple ot ne touch control to play.
  • Choose your friend’s photos from the camera or gallery to use as a monkey’s face.
  • Best for everyone (kids, adult, Adolescents)
Marc Joseph eCommerce
  • To maintain same layout and engagement in both iOS and Android
  • To provide support for lower end devices with lower CPU and low ram
    specially in android
  • To integrate real time physics simulation
  • To set UI layout that supports most of the resolution in Android and
    iOS devices
  • Separately created the same layout for both the platform.
  • Used all physics simulation calculation for moving, colliding, reflection, etc. on c++ language with box2d and OpenGL ES api for the rendering purpose which is the low end.
  • In order to integrate real time physics simulation, used box2d physics,
    which is written in c++ 
  • In order to support most of the resolution in Android and iOS device we used a technique called letter box and multiple images 

Marc Joseph eCommerce
  • After reviewing the game the client was pleased, the game application was exactly what the client wanted.
  • Our Software team ensured 100% adherence to the client’s guidelines and requirements
  • Great graphics, new-gen consoles to handle animation and physics.
  • Used all physics simulation calculation which resulted in smooth and fast game flow.
  • Straightforward, one touch control to play, hence making game easy to understand.

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