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Arm your Website with Joomla

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Posted On : October 27, 2010

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Joomla has taken the online industry into its stride. Joomla is one of the ideal content management systems on the planet. A content management system is a system that enables a website owner to handle the website content themselves irrespective of their having knowledge of web design or technical skills. Joomla has witnessed a steep elevation in demand as enterprises need websites that can be managed and updated frequently.

More Demanding Businesses

Today demand of websites, getting updated in-house even in the lack of specialist technical skills, is at all time high. Today businesses understand necessity of content on a website and its influence on search engine ranking. Businesses seek complete control over the content of their website and need a system that can enable them to manage regular updates.

Joomla Offers a Competitive Edge

By providing Joomla based websites to the customers, a web design company can acquire competitive edge over its competitors. Website built on Joomla is pregnant with many strong characteristics which in turn enables businesses to add value to their business and web presence.

Scalable and Cost Effective

Joomla has captured the web market and has become popular with web design companies across the planet that are leveraging Joomla to craft powerful yet user friendly websites for businesses – small or large. Joomla enables web developers to offer customers with an effective and inexpensive solution which is simple to scale to future enhancements.

Web designers can also facilitate Joomla effectively for small scale businesses which have shoe-string budgets. Joomla can also be utilized by web designers to build powerful, seamless, flawless, dynamic and cost-effective websites. They can also create dynamic websites that would have never been acquired by small businesses otherwise due to high building cost.

Free Open Source

Joomla is free open source platform. Open source software offers web designers and software developer great flexibility to modify and enhance the system to suit specific requirements of a business. It does not restrict developer and designers in any way who have complete control over the code.

Joomla is User-friendly

Joomla is simple to understand and handle. Unlike different other web and software applications Joomla is easy to install and operate. It can be easily hosted on most of the web hosting server and infrastructure. Those web designers who are not having any knowledge of programming can also use Joomla with equal ease.

Joomla – An Established Community

Joomla boast of a huge well established community on the internet. Information and tutorials are easily available and there are several specific blogs and forums that address the Joomla web design and development community. Resources are easy to get and accessible on the internet. The great availability of large options of free add-on modules and features for Joomla further offers the chance to include different new features. A web designer can save time by leveraging add-on modules and items to offer new strong features on websites.

Saves Time

The time saved can be utilized to emphasize to focus on other more prominent affairs that would have otherwise not been addresses. With practice Joomla can prominently deduct the development duration of a project.

Joomla has been the brainchild of experienced web designers and programmers who have already focused on most significant factors into the software. Vital security and design affairs have also been taken care of and incorporated.

Training and Resources are Easily Available

There are several developer documentations and tutorials easily and freely available for use online. Web development companies find it easy to teach their team Joomla with the assistance of such readily and handy available resources. There are several Blogs and Forums specifically dedicated to Joomla where technical questions can be put forth and a quick reply or support is generally available free of charge.